Multibroker landing page


UX/UI Designer,
no-code developer


10 days


Trading and monitoring different platforms can be a real maintenance for any broker. Multibroker is a brand new SaaS tool to trade on different platforms from one interface. In 2020, I made a new landing page for Multibroker to highlight the new features and update the old landing page.

Multibroker mobile UX/UI design

Main task

The client requested to make a perfect, technological landing page, which would generate leads and create the necessary image of a high-tech product for the company.

Multibroker IllustrationsMultibroker Illustration


Working in new products can be chalenging, so I did a lot of job and it was gives me a lot of new knowledge and experience.
Overall, though a small project, Multibroker was fun to work on. Getting to be part of the process from research through sketching to final designs, you really get to feel part of it, which I strive for with all projects.