Nimera identity design


Graphic designer


14 days


Designing a blockchain project is a very interesting task. It was a challenge for me, as I knew almost nothing about blockchain projects.

Nimera logo designNimera logo design

Main task

The task was to make an identity for a new project in a very short time: a logo, colors, fonts, and a lot of graphics for the site. The hardest part was to make something that wasn't like the competition, but the client already had his own vision, and I had to work under very difficult conditions when I had to take into account the client's wishes and the realities of the market.

Nimera logo geometryNimera graphic design Watch OS
Street bannerNimera Outside banner design
Nimera color schemeNimera logo geometry
Nimera typography sampleNimera color scheme


The main difficulty was to take into account the wishes of the client and not to do something trivial. Working on the project taught me to think carefully about the strategy of applying graphic identity.