Roka ux/ui design


UX/UI Designer,
Graphic designer,
No-code developer


40 days


Working at an MVP for the first time can be quite challenging. Roka was my first experience, which helped me look at my entire workflow differently and gave me a boost in knowledge and skills.

Roka UX/UI DesignRoka mobile UX/UI

Main task

The main problem and challenge was to create an accessible and fair way to involve blockchain project users in the project decision-making process and help them gain access to a direct development path for the product they invested in. So, the cards concept idea has sparked.

Roka card protoypeROKA Card concept

Main task

The most difficult task was to conduct product and market research to describe current products that provide voting features (like DAO). Describe the advantages and disadvantages of such projects. Identify the key concept and basic mechanics.

Roka market researchRoka market research
Roka conceptRoka market research

Market research

Separating Roka from other projects was helped by the deep competitors analytics and cross-disciplinary expertise of the entire team.

Roka market researchRoka market research

Alfa product prototype

The most interesting task was to create a prototype product on which crypto projects could conduct voting with their users. A total of 15 prototype screens were made in Figma: voting pages, top suggestions, developer pages, and more.

Top project's proposals
A developer page
Product design in Figma


Working in a new niche can be very rewarding. It is not only an opportunity to gain new knowledge, but also a good impetus for development. I try to maintain a similar approach in all my work, each time starting a new project, diving deeply into research and information with my head.