Zaretskaya UX/UI Design


UX/UI Designer,
Graphic designer,
No-code developer


12 days


Zaretskaya School is the personal brand of Tatyana Zaretskaya, a practicing and experienced copywriter. The project team approached me with the very urgent task of developing a new design for the workshop landing page.

Zaretskaya School Main pageZaretskaya mobile UX/UI
Zaretskaya School Optional mobile version

Main task

The specifics of the school's audience (women 25-45) set the direction of the visual part, and the focus on mobile devices put the development in the mainstream of mobile friendly.

Mobile version design
Zaretskaya call to action section


Even in such a small project scope I put site conversion on the first place, treating the client's project as a business tool, at the same time respecting the brand visual consistence. Working with different business niches I try to push my bounds and improve soft skills.